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Addiction Intervention/Coaching

For family members and friends of loved ones who may be suffering any addiction – behavioural or substance.



Family members and friends of loved ones who may be suffering any addiction – behavioural or substance.
As an Addiction Family Therapist I work with families on how best to communicate with their loved ones in addiction.
As a Professional Interventionist I conduct formal and informal interventions that focus on helping family members and friends hold up a mirror to their loved one’s behaviour, revealing the need to confront their addiction before hitting bottom – and losing everything. I believe in early intervention - your loved one does not need to hit rock bottom. I am happy to either coach the family to conduct their own intervention or to actively participate in it.
The interventions are not about confrontation – they stress love and concern.
Prior to the intervention I educate the family on addiction, help them write letters of concern to their loved one, rehearse the intervention looking at any ‘roadblocks’ and follow through with any necessary action to ensure a smooth arrival into the rehab of their choice. I also educate the family on the importance of their own self-care and the importance of a family ‘recovery village’ to assist their loved one when they exit a rehab.


I recently ran a two day Family Intervention Workshop in Brisbane. The workshop was about hope. It’s about treating other human beings the way they want to be treated. To show them acknowledgement, acceptance and compassion so they can receive an invitation to get help. Families often wait for years before reaching out for help. This is the information they may be searching for. Please see Events - Workshops - Help a loved one overcome addiction, for testimonials.


“Margie’s compassion and style of teaching has been a gift.”


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