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Aftercare (sometimes called Sober Living Coaching) is a service for individuals who are returning from rehab or want a more fulfilling recovery.



Aftercare is a service for individuals who are returning from rehab or want a more fulfilling recovery. I work with people recovering from all addictions and all paths of recovery - in all stages of recovery.

In rehab we have a fear of drugging and drinking -  in recovery we have a fear of not drugging and drinking. We need to fall in love with life instead. Make our new life so exciting and attractive that the old life just isn’t interesting anymore.
— Margie Bauer

“Margie’s voice is so calming and gentle.”

Aftercare with Margie is a combination of therapy, coaching and mentoring. I help you set and achieve goals and objectives, identify and overcome blocks and fears and learn to balance recovery, work and personal life. We work on communication skills (particularly with key relationships), assesses core values and passions and help you negotiate a path to get you moving in the directions of your dreams.
Together we develop a workable relapse plan - healthy habits and routine - building a strong network - finding meetings / home groups - medication information. I stay close to you as you learn to survive integration back into life. This includes family education when requested. All clients have different wants and needs and I tailor the plan to suit the individual. I also offer special packages to include naturopathy, yoga, massage, nutrition advice and physiotherapy.

Rehabilitation facilities provide many wonderful coping skills with treatment and I look forward to working with your rehab counsellor on your exit plan. For many addicted individuals, the outside world can seem new and surreal. We experience fear of failure and fear of success. Learning to overcome sabotage patterns is crucial.
Long term addiction may cause some people recovering from addiction, difficulties in adjusting to a new lifestyle and ongoing support is a key to staying sober. This includes helping people find new friendships, new interests and non-drug ways to cope with stress. Above all to instil a sense of hope while learning to cope independently.
My goal is to de-stigmatise addiction and remove guilt and shame - to help clients learn to thrive in their recovery. I believe in a complete recovery strategy encompassing both contemporary and traditional modalities.
While the strategy includes adherence to the rehab programme and exit plan it also allows you to keep developing and updating your relapse prevention plans and includes awareness of Post-Acute-Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). Boredom, loneliness, self-hatred and shame are the number one causes of relapse after rehab and we focus on these areas early in our meeting.
Addiction aftercare and real-world challenges are vitally important to those exiting residential rehab. Fear of living a sober, clean life is a valid fear. Recovery is an ongoing process where you have a say in defining what your own involvement will look like.
As part of the Aftercare programme I provide:

  • Recovery focussed education

  • Strengths based and goal focussed coaching and counselling

  • Local support groups

  • Family education and counselling

Some of the goals of aftercare may include:

  • Developing a comprehensive relapse prevention plan

  • Practising and reinforcing recovery skills you learned in rehab

  • Creating a routine and healthy habits that promote long-term recovery

  • Building a strong support network

  • Education about addictions, mental health disorders and medications

  • Preventing overconfidence, complacency and other common pitfalls of early recovery

  • Making a smooth transition back into the community and work and family life

  • Keeping your recovery a top priority through daily recovery-oriented tasks

  • Coping strategies with both internal and external triggers – particularly stress

  • Finding a sense of meaning and purpose in recovery from addiction

For more information on Aftercare and addiction please see the Dear Margie section.
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