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Frequently Asked Questions

Addiction and mental illness are formidable opponents, but they can be conquered.

How long are your sessions? how much do they cost? can i claim on private health insurance?

Each session lasts for 50 minutes. Individual counselling sessions are $120. Please contact me if you are interested in Aftercare, Intervention or Workshops. Clinical Supervision is $120 for 50 minutes.

I am a Provider of Counselling Services for BUPA, MEDIBANK PRIVATE and POLICE HEALTH. Please note that if you are an eligible member of any of these health insurance funds, you may be entitled to a benefit for Counselling. An individual’s eligibility to benefits may be affected by annual limits and waiting periods. Please check with your Health Insurer.

What are your working days and hours and where can I find Golden Mend?

Finding Golden Mend is easy.
Golden Mend Therapy has plenty of free on-street parking. We are situated at 2 Lahore Street, The Gap, QLD 4061.
Simply fill in the form in ‘Contact Margie’, or email:
You can have a free 20 minute talk to see if I can help you or you can simply go ahead and book a session.
I am working on Thursday and Friday at The Gap – hours 10 – 6. If you wish to see me outside these times, please email me and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

How many sessions will I need? 

Although some clients only require one session, it’s a good idea to commit to 3-4 sessions, either on a weekly or fortnightly basis. After this, you might like to come in on a monthly or bimonthly visit to have a ‘top up’.

The terms ‘counselling’ and ‘psychotherapy’ are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight distinction.
Counselling generally refers to short-term consultation while psychotherapy typically refers to longer-term treatment. Counselling is more concerned with practical or immediate issues while psychotherapy is more focussed on helping a person understand his/her life in a profound and reflective manner. Psychotherapy goes deeper to uncover root causes in problems and aims to empower the individual by freeing him/her from the grip of unconscious triggers or impulses through increased self-awareness.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

Are you struggling with an overwhelming sense of powerlessness in your life? Anxiety, depression, addiction, anger, relationship issues, trauma, loss, or other issues can turn your life upside down.  Emotional pain such as shame, guilt, fear and remorse is a condition just as real as any other and needs to be treated

Feeling lost or out of control can make life unbearable. If you are experiencing these feelings you need and deserve to seek treatment to feel better. There is hope. Allow me the privilege to assist you to gain relief from your symptoms by focusing on solutions to your problems and create personal growth and stability.

How can psychotherapy help me?

Will you see older clients in their homes if they can’t get in to see you?

I’m happy to visit my older clients in their homes, if they require. Please ring and discuss.