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Help A Loved One Overcome Addiction

Join Margie Bauer for this powerful, life-changing workshop. 

Learn how to plan and hold an Intervention step-by-step under the guidance of an experienced Clinical Interventionist and Addiction Specialist. 

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  • This two day Family Intervention Workshop was held in Brisbane in June, 2019. The workshop is about hope. It’s about treating other human beings the way they want to be treated. To show them acknowledgement, acceptance and compassion so they can receive an invitation to get help. Families often wait for years before reaching out for help. This is the information they may be searching for.

    Here are some of the testimonials from family members who attended this workshop. (All testimonials available to view).

    ‘‘Fantastic, the open, honest, frank discussions combined with realistic scenarios on what to expect were very empowering. Thank you.’ JW

    ‘The workshop was very well put together, covering all aspects starting from the beginning about what the disease is with scientific theory and practical examples. Margie is an experienced and compassionate facilitator, who provides a safe and nurturing environment with a wealth of knowledge and experience.’ SS

    ‘‘Excellent information, excellent presentation’. MT

    ‘I arrived with no expectations and left with hope, joy and a sense of knowing how to go forward with my family members and my work.’ SL

    ‘The Family Intervention Workshop was incredibly powerful! I gained an immense amount of knowledge and understanding about addiction and certainly feel a lot more compassion that I did coming into the workshop.’ Thank you Margie. AR

    This workshop is a must for anyone living with a loved one’s addiction. Margie’s compassion and grace and insight into how addiction impacts the whole family is a rare gen. There is a solution! Margie gives hope. EM

    ‘Revolutionary!’ KF

    ‘Empathetic and caring’. LR

    ‘Margie, you inspire grace in healing humans.’ RD

  • HIGH QUALITY - Learning with Margie was a high quality experience. 100% said ‘yes’.

  • EASY & SIMPLE - The techniques Margie taught in the workshop are easy and simple to learn. 100% said ‘yes’.

  • RECOMMENDED - I would recommend this workshop to others. 100% said ‘yes’.

  • IMPROVED WELLBEING - Margie’s techniques will improve my wellbeing, increasing relaxation and decreasing stress. 100% said ‘yes’.

  • One in six Australians are affected by addiction. For every addicted person there are at least six family members who also suffer. Addiction impacts a family’s physical health, psychological wellbeing and finances. Families are often confused, overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, or where to turn to. 
    The main goal of an intervention is to help a loved one to agree to seek treatment. The model of intervention that Margie presents and advocates is a very loving process where you keep directing the active alcoholic or addict towards the choice of gaining help and healing. 
    The workshop provides a safe and neutral place to explore and express how addiction has painfully impacted every member of the family.
    It’s a myth to think you have to wait for someone to hit rock bottom in order for them to be ready. By lovingly intervening we can raise the bottom before the losses become devastating.


Anybody who has a loved one or friend suffering alcoholism or addiction.
The workshop is suitable for all addictions – alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, compulsive eating, compulsive gambling and other destructive behaviours.
All ages and all stages of addiction can be intervened on.  Addiction is an equal opportunity disease. It does not discriminate.  Today’s high functioning addict can be tomorrow’s non-functioning addict.


This is a loving, compassionate process totally unlike interventions portrayed on television.
There is no shame, blame or guilt attached. There is no anger or judgement.
In the 2 days you will learn everything you need to know about addiction including how it impacts the family. You will be guided and coached through a structured step-by-step process covering how to prepare for a successful intervention, how to hold one and what to do afterwards.
The workshop is a safe place led by a well-trained trauma informed Interventionist and Addiction Specialist. 


  • you have an alcoholic or addict in your life and want the craziness to stop

  • you have tried absolutely everything but nothing has worked 

  • you’ve been thinking about intervention, but can’t afford the professional fees

  • you are feeling anxious, depressed, stressed and suffering from shame, guilt and fear

  • you feel you can’t confide in anyone about how bad it really is

  • you don’t know where to go to get help

  • you need guidance on when or if an intervention is needed

  • you are just curious


  • High quality learning.

  • Gentle and compassionate. 

  • Easy and simple – and fun (believe it or not!)

  • Inspiring, useful and practical.