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Besides helping to answer your questions, the Dear Margie blog will give you an idea of how our sessions may run.

Dear Margie

Addiction is not a choice. It originates in a human being’s desperate attempt to solve a problem. The problem of emotional pain, of overwhelming stress, of lost connection, of loss of control, of a deep discomfort with the self.
— Dr.Gabor Mate

You can send me any questions and I will do my best to answer them. I love to hear from you. Send your problems through to me -
No question is too little, too big or too silly.
Besides helping to answer your questions, the Dear Margie blog will give you an idea of how our sessions may run. It’s so important you feel heard and listened to, that you no longer feel like a victim of your past. Know that you are not alone and it is possible to be free of shame and guilt. You are worth it!


I want to be a social drinker.

Dear Margie

What if I don’t want to abstain from alcohol and want to drink socially?


That’s absolutely fine. It’s your decision and I’m all for harm reduction – for backing off and for reducing use.  Drinkers can certainly change their ways, even heavy drinkers and I will happily work with you on a series of successful harm minimisation techniques to help you control your drinking. I have found Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to be helpful in changing unhealthy habits of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Reduction techniques that often work can include exploring changing drinking or using patterns or behaviours, creating goals, positive reinforcement, alcohol use monitoring, drink refusal skills, conversation skills, learning to manage urges and cravings, restructuring negative thinking and anger management. Together we will create a plan for reducing your intake that works for you.

I am an experienced and trained Mindfulness teacher and Mindfulness can also help problem drinkers identify cravings and triggers. 

I’ll provide you with education on medicines, such as Naltrexone which can be used to help reduce your intake. Should you and your medical practitioner go down this path, it’s important to have a comprehensive treatment plan.

Anger, fear, shame, guilt and resentment are common manifestations of drinking too much and I can help you change negative behaviours and mend fences with those that may have been hurt along your journey, including yourself. Well done on your awareness that alcohol may be causing you some problems. Together we can look at what is beneath your drinking and begin your healing journey.


margie Bauer